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Some of the services are available after taking information literacy guidance on e-learning and passing the quiz.
Please activate the service by following the steps below after you finish both of them.

Activation is only possible from the campus network ( KITnetX, Shared computers in seminar room, study room, library, computers in laboratories ) .

  • Connect your device to KITnetX.
  • Use the shared computers in seminar room, study room, library.
  • Use the computers in laboratories.

Please activate  with  any of the above.

Before starting, please close all browsers.

  1. Launch your browser and access the homepage of Center for Information Science.
    Center for Information Science HP :

  2. Click Users Portal ( Change Password )  from Web Services at the top of the page.

  3. Enter your username and password and click Login.

  4. Click User Information Management.

  5. Select the language you wish to use from the pull-down menu near the top right of the page.

  6. Click Request a role.

  7. Click Add to Cart in the service you want to activate.
    Last, click Go to Shopping Cart.

  8. Click Request.

  9. The setting is completed when the following message is displayed.

The added service will be available in a few minutes.

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