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This page explains how to use the wireless LAN network connection service provided by CIS, including the wireless LAN with authentication (KITnetX).

This page is designed to be platform-independent. For platform-specific user's guides, refer to the following link.


Connect to the SSID "KITnetX" and, when the user ID and password input screen is displayed, enter the following information.

  • Username : Your Username
  • Password : Your current Password

You might encounter prompts to enter additional settings. Input them as follows.

  • Type of Security:Any of the following
    • WPA2 Enterprise, WPA2-EAP
    • WPA3 Enterprise, WPA3-EAP
  • EAP Method:PEAP
  • Phase 2 Authentication:MSCHAPV2
  • CA certificate:Any of the following
    • Use system certificate
    • Do not validate(Not recommended)
  • Anonimous identity:(not required to fill in)*If 'anonymous' is pre-entered on your Android device, please remove it.
  • Proxy Setting (Android Only):Automatic
    • PAC URL:

You might receive a prompt to confirm the server certificate. Verify that it matches the server certificate information below and proceed with the connection.

  • FingerPrint:
    • SHA-256:
      d3 d6 72 28 3c 3b 0e b6 3a 8d 94 f6 23 30 da 1e bb be d0 b1 dd 1f 47 2a fd af 7a 8a cd cd 01 78
    • SHA-1:00 32 58 46 3c a1 9d 01 c9 33 33 09 38 95 d7 e2 66 bd 43 19

as of October 21

If you are using Windows, macOS, iOS (iPhone), or iPadOS (iPad), you can access off-campus websites by configuring "Web Access via Proxy." Follow the instructions on the following page for setup.

プロキシを介したWebアクセス – 京都工芸繊維大学 情報科学センター (